Certificate and System Audit

Show Off Your Green!


Recycle-Now! provides clients with an annual certificate outlining the amount of renewable resources they have diverted from the landfills every year. We are proud to be a part of each of our client’s green initiative programs, and are excited to help them see the results of their efforts. Each of our certificates include the amount of methane gases that have been diverted from land fill, and the equivalencies of the amount of carbon our clients have saved.

In the year of 2013, on average, our clients have saved 30 tonnes of compost from the land fill! Our goal is to divert 15x more compost in the next year!


As unique as each individual, we understand that each business is unique in its own way. In order for us to provide a solution for your unique business, we recommend doing a System Audit with one of our experienced sales members.

What happens during an audit?

Our professional audit members will arrive on site to review your current system.
Review the waste levels, component of waste, and waste output levels
Using the findings, create the most effective solution for your unique needs.

Why do we do an audit?

To ensure that we are providing you with the best possible solution for your recycling needs.
Efficiently and effectively remove and recycle all waste generated from your business
A clear approach, nothing hidden, you get the services you truly need. 

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